A discussion about mindfulness 

with Andrada Terpe 

Take part in a discussion about mindfulness and how to be present in your own life. 


How many of us live on autopilot and lose sight of the beauty of life? This is a practical workshop, meant to help us truly live all that life has to offer… It’s time to live consciously here and now and this workshop may be your first step in this direction. We will learn how the mind works, how we can tune it and what is the relation between mind and body, with reference to stressful periods.
By mastering the art of living in the present – mindfulness – not only do we calm our thoughts and reactions, but we learn how we can live more beautifully in communion with nature.
Thus, in the first part concepts as mindfulness and relaxation techniques will be presented the and after that, we will experience them in a practical and easy way.

Location: GROW Area

Period: Friday, 16th of August, from 14.30 to 16.00


About Andrada Terpe

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, master’s degree in the field, within the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, Babeș Bolyai University, Cluj. Certified as a clinical psychologist (The Romanian College of Psychologist), under preparation. 

With over 1 year of experience in providing psychological services for well-being in an IT company. The professional preparation implies hundreds of hours dedicated to the research and practice in Psychology, in various renowned centers – such as Cognitrom. On my educational route I have applied the knowledge also on myself, expanding my good practices and my passion in this domain.  If you want to meet yourself, by exploring new topics, I look forward to this event. One decision has the power to change your life course, and this may be the right choice. Just give it a try, you’ll thank you later!

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