The importance of music in our day to day life

with Beatrice Iordache (musicologist) 

Take part in a discussion about how music influences our lives and moreover, how is influencing the taste of food or beverages. 


The first part of the presentation is an introduction about the importance of music in everyday life, how we relate to music, the advantages of using music every day and, especially, how can we adjust our emotions using music – how can we get through negative events, the role of music preferences in emotional self-regulation and how important is the use of music in unfavourable contexts of life, how it enhances or alleviates our state of mind.
The second part is about the influence of music on taste perception of food and beverage, about this multisensory experience that is eating. There will be an introduction about music and senses, with information especially about taste and the relation between sound, flavour and the pleasure of eating.

Location: GROW Area

Period: Friday, 16th of August, from 11.30 to 13.00


About Beatrice Elena Iordache

Beatrice Elena Iordache studied Musicology – Bachelor s and Master s Degree – at Gheorghe Dima National Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca and, also, Music Therapy at Transylvania University in Brașov. She writes classical music reviews and studies about music therapy, where she does research on the effects of music when listening to music, in terms of the concentration and relaxation levels and also about emotional self-regulation through music in musicians and non-musicians.

She talked about music therapy at national conferences and symposiums and now she is looking into the way that music therapy helps the rehabilitation of persons with motor disability and autism. Her primary interests are, among others, classical music, gastronomy and travelling. She is Music Secretary at Cluj-Napoca Romanian National Opera House and Writer at Opera Story Magazine.  

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