Theatre Improvisation Workshop

By IMPROVertiții

You will learn many skills by becoming a more versed communicator, a better listener and a more relaxed person.

All because we’re going to playa game , and laughter is guaranteed!


Improvisation helps you to think more clearly and develop techniques that will help you in everyday life or on stage (whether it’s a conference, a presentation, a plea or a play)

Why would you do that?

  • Regain confidence
  • To discard inhibitions
  • To be spontaneous
  • To get rid of blockages
  • To know you better
  • To play seriously
  • To laugh at yourself
  • To develop
  • To get rid of anxiety
  • Because you can
  • Because you have the chance


Saturday, 17th August, 16:00-18:00


Smida Talks Area

Signing up for activity: No sign-ups are in advance. At the appointed time, the participants will go to the specially arranged tent.


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Terms and Conditions