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Enjoy some time with friends, or meet some new people, in a cozy board game area. You will be able to try the game Zestrea – a marriage negotiation board game, about traditional Romanian village life, arranging weddings, and surviving Hard Times – as well as other modern games such as Catan, Sheriff of Nottingham, Carcassone, Bohnanza, …




Board games are a great way to spend quality time with family, friends, or to meet new people, in a context that’s a bit different than day to day life. If you have not played many games before, don’t worry, there are also simple and fun games, and volunteers that will present and teach you the games, and recommend games based on your tastes.

Zestrea is a new card game, made in Cluj, Romania, not launched yet (it will be launched in 2019), about marriages, negotiation, traditional Romanian village life, and surviving Hard Times. In the game, you play as Boyars (Romanian nobles from back in the day), and you arrange marriages between villagers living on the player’s estate and working their land. In Zestrea there is a lot of negotiation and it’s easy to learn, accessible for all ages, with a sweet, positive humor. 

One of the designers of the game, Alex Pațiu, will be there to show and play the game with those who are interested, and can offer details and stories about how it is to develop games, and how the game Zestrea was born…

Period: 15th- 18th of August

Location: the dedicated tent 


Thursday 15.08.2019 – 14:00 – 18:00
Friday 16.08.2019 – 10:00- 18:00
Saturday 17.08.2019 – 10:00- 18:00
Sunday 18.08.2019 – 10:00- 16:00

Maximum number of participants:

Zestrea can be played in 3-6 players. We can also find other games, for any number of players.


First arrived, first served. No need to sign up, but if you want to reserve a specific session of Zestrea, you can contact the organisers of the board game space via zestrea.net or facebook: Zestrea .

About the illustrations 

Ilustrațiile jocului au fost realizate de Maria Surducan: lucrează ca ilustrator independent și scriitor de cărți de benzi desenate din studioul său din Cluj-Napoca.

Ea crede că imaginile sunt un lucru imprecise și, prin urmare, ușor mai precise de a traduce realitatea decât cuvintele.

A lucrat la proiecte de publicitate, romane grafice și cărți imagine. Clientii includ Cărturești, Institutul Goethe, Milka, Sprite, Vodafone, Vellant, Studioset, dungi Publishing și Usborne. Vorbește engleza, franceza, româna și, dacă este presat foarte tare, germana.

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