Our home is the Apuseni Nature Park, one of the 16 nature parks in Romania. Even though it’s a protected area, year after year we bump into numerous bottles, cans, tires and even garbage bags randomly thrown. We want to drive attention to this phenomenon, not only for Smida, but foe all the forest.

There are tools dedicated to preserving clean forests and small gestures that we can do any of us in order not to smother the forest. We want to keep these places clean and wild, as we found them when we came into them as mere guests.

Practical Guide for forest protection:
Use the World Cleanup. Created by Let’s do it!, the app lets you mark a bunch of garbage on the map if you can’t clean it at the time. On World Cleaning Day, volunteers will sanitize the places shown on the map.
Do not accept the help of unauthorized persons who offer to “solve” you issue with large quantities of garbage. Most of the time, these people throw them in the woods or rivers. You can get help instead from an authorized service all over the country as sigurec.ro.
Alert the Police or field agents (Rangers) if you see someone throwing garbage. The waste disposal in the forest constitutes a forestry contravention and is punishable by fine.
Use cutlery and tableware made of biodegradable materials. As the barbecue and picknicers season begins, we recommend using Biotrem or sau Biodeck solutions. Of course, that involves gathering all the utensils after the time spent in the middle of nature.

Go camping and tenting only in specially arranged and licensed places.

Because Smida means “young tree forest”, and trees cannot grow if they are cut off, Greenpeace has provided a guide to identify the cuts and illegal transport of timber and how to report. You can find it here.
Tell the others! Use your forest responsibility frame on Facebook.
How can you protect the forest at the festival?
Every year, we introduce new measures to protect the environment for both partners and participants:
Do not come with your personal car by yourself and take more participants with you or come by public transportation provided by us or by train. This is available for any festival or event.
Throw the waste at the festival in the containers for selective collection.
Use a tree-huger for your hammock.
Come by bike: We offer you free access to the festival and camping if you demonstrate that you are cycled at least 50 km.
Bring a keep-cup for coffee or other beverages and reusable packaging for camping food.
Charge your devices to the photovoltaic panel installation.
Protecting Apuseni Nature Park:

Every year we organize a sanitization near the festival with the Rangers of the Apuseni Nature Park, the Smida and the surrounding area. “Numbers” and facts so far, gathered from the sanitizations pursued in 2017 an 2018:

2 days

Approx. 2 tons of collected garbage from the forest and riverbed

Over 100 participants

1 collaboration with Let’s do it, Romania!

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