James Holden has a Maths Bachelor at Oxford, but he devoted his life to music. A personality with a lot of talent, he reinvented himself as Dj, producer and guru of electronic music. Over the past decade, he focused on the growth of a live group that mixes astral jazz, minimal with rhythms of North African music. This combination, attractive to the consumers of the genre, is described by Holden as “folk-trance”.

“Folk-Trance” because it involves a ritualist abandonment in music and matches their constant concern for spiritual jazz albums, such as those of Don Cherry or Pharoah Sanders.

From The Pitchfork we also found the process through which The Spirit Animals album appeared: it was recorded live in a single room at Holden’s Sacred Walls Studio in London, one take, with no editing whatsoever. It seems that Holden assumes more of an organizer role in the band than the frontman, mostly putting a stage at the disposal of his collaborators where they can experiment and unlock their imagination.
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Leo Betz Trio is one of the few bands that experiment “techno jazz” and they will bring this style for the first time in Romania.

They come from Germany and their sounds can be described as an experimental area in an acoustic manner: no synthesizer, no computer, only a piano, a double bass and the percussion

The group has a proven affinity for improvisation: there are phrases on the piano or the strings are worked on with a plectrum, the bass gently smoothed out or simply cut to pieces and the drums from fine rustle to powerful groove fully exploited. Betzl had a special microphone, just for his reverb fingerclicks. Meanwhile, Wolfgruber hissed a spraycan rhythmically, hopefully not destroying his microphone in the process, then played a bass solo that sounded like it was emanating from an Indian sarangi.
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Deus Ex Quartet is a a young group, at their first concert in Romania and are highly appreciated on the underground scenes in Budapest, at a group average age of only 21. Moreover, Marton Csernovszky has already been a member of the Sickpicnic and The Best Bad Trip groups.

For them, music is about putting together elements from a variety of different styles and matching them in an unpredictable, unique and harmonious way in the same time.


Their close childhood friendship did not only bind them personally but also when it came to music. Because all four members are composers, the attribute describing their music best is “diversity”. In albums, they highlight niche elements of Hungarian folk music, Gregorian music, drum and bass, ambiental or shoegaze and incorporate them into an organic and natural contemporary jazz mix.
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Let’s meet in front of the stage between August 15th and 17th, in the middle of the Apuseni Nature Park!

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