The official dates of Smida Jazz Festival 2020 are here and for us to gather our energy for another weekend with unusual jazz, we want to take a short trip to last year’s edition. Some of you have told us that Smida was exactly the breath of fresh air (literally) that you needed after a busy summer, others that you have seen friends you have not been able to meet all year, most of you just enjoyed a a kind of music you love or that was just discovered. 

How was it for us? As you well know us, we have tried as much as possible to experiment: we wanted to see what it would be having  three and a half days, having a second scene, changing the payment system and more. We have received the thoughts you kindly shared and read every message, and together we are building another memorable weekend in the Apuseni Nature Park, closer to a world where we are free to explore the music and the nature.  

Aftermovie #smidajazz2019

#smidajazz2019 in figures

3,5 days of friends, music and nature

12 live concerts and many afterparties

20+ daytime activities inside and outside de festival

12 000 friends gathered by the love for jazz

The artists performing at #smidajazz2019

Feedback from media and participants 

“I was surprised to see so many people opened to new music that celebrates the experiment and transcend the boundaries of genres. In moments like these, it becomes easy to forget that beyond these mountains, there exists a world that is becoming increasingly devoid of nature core values of harmony and community.” (Black Rhino Music)

Listening to live music surrounded by all sorts of interesting people in the chilly nights of Smida, breathing in the fresh air, it’s an experience you can’t reproduce.” (ClujLife

“Smida Jazz Festival Festival was a wonderful experience. It made me happy. And what is even greater is the fact it had good side effects for us, ‘cause a promoter contacted us after he saw our performance at Smida and now we have planned a tour in Romania in 2020. Great work! (Maximilian Hirnzwiebel, Leo Betzl Trio)”

“Nice people, a beautiful place, good vibes, sunny days, cold nights, more shots, less money, memories, tasty pies, funny pictures, no mosquitos, happy dogs, clean toilets and more and more…” – Mălina, participant

Memorable moments 

See you in August 2020 and until then you can go back in time and explore jazz in our playlists on Spotify or Youtube, also you can enter the event on Facebook and hit “going ” to let us notice you about the artists of the edition , what new activities show up and other news from the music world. Jazz you in August!

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