Dear Smidians,

We are feeling sad, but at the same time reassured that we have made the right decision, given the epidemiological and legislative context. We are postponing the 5th edition of the Smida Jazz Festival for August 2021. 

Smida, the trees, the trails, the river, the lake  - all await you, and by next year they will be more beautiful than ever and will shelter us at the festival where we will find our peace away from the city and explore new and new sounds.

We continue our work in order to offer you a special festival experience next year and, who knows, in the meantime, maybe we'll meet while hiking on the trails of Apuseni Nature Park and we will remember the nights at the tent under the clear sky and the mornings with refreshing air and walking barefoot on the grass.

Until then, we encourage you to (re)discover and keep curious about contemporary jazz and send us your interesting discoveries.

We’ll be back soon with the dates of the 2021 edition. 

 See you next year!


Trails to explore in Apuseni and in Transylvania

⛰️🌲 We recently asked you on our Facebook page about your favourite outdoor places from the Apuseni Mountains or, why not, all of Transylvania. We gathered the answers here, in what we hope will turn into a several chapter guide created together by you and us.

Jazz exploring techno(logy)… at Techsylvania 2019!

Get a ticket to SJF 2019 and join the 3,000 technology enthusiasts at the Polyvalent Hall, where you will have the chance to listen to exceptional talks and get insights from entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, developers and founders of international companies.

I’m taking care of the forest at Smida Jazz!

Our home is the Apuseni Nature Park, one of the 16 nature parks in Romania. Even though it’s a protected area, year after year we bump into numerous bottles, cans, tires and even garbage bags randomly thrown. We want to drive attention to this phenomenon, not only for Smida, but foe all the forest.

There are tools dedicated to preserving clean forests and small gestures that we can do any of us in order not to smother the forest. We want to keep these places clean and wild, as we found them when we came into them as mere guests.

Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin, Szun Waves and Flatsharks will perform at #smidajazz2019

🎹 Nik Bärtsch’s RONIN: elements of disparate musical worlds, be they funk, new classical music or sounds from Japanese ritual music, amalgamated into a coherent new style.
🥁 Szun Waves: will be present in Romania for the first time and will bring sounds from New Hymn To Freedom, recognized by Shabaka Hutchings (Sons of Kemet) as the album of the year 2018;
🎷 Flatsharkss: an emerging and exciting group, with well-known members from the Romanian jazz scene.

James Holden & The Animal Spirits, Leo Betzl Trio, Deus Ex Quartet will perform at #smidajazz2019

🎹 James Holden & The Animal Spirits – a group that combines astral jazz, minimal and rhythms of North African music, obtaining “folk-trance”
🥁 Leo Betzl Trio – techno-jazz obtained purely acoustically by piano, double bass and percussion, without any computers or synthesizers;
🎷 Deus Ex Quartet – a highly appreciated group on the underground Budapest scene, combining contemporary jazz with Hungarian folk, drum and bass and ambiental;

Mammal Hands, Phronesis, Paolo Profeti European Collective will perform at #smidajazz2019

We are excited to announce you the first 3 groups that are part of the #smidajazz2019 line-up:
🎹 Mammal Hands – one of the most exciting bands in Europe often compared to Portico Quartet and GoGo Penguin;
🥁 Phronesis – “One of European jazz’s most dynamic bands”, The Guardian;
🎷 Paolo Profeti European Collective – a cross-border project by a cross-border Collective.
More to come!

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