The Japanese philosophy flows through every artery in the structure of Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin. Nik often brings a Samue-specific clothing worn by Zen monks, combined with Western, urban elements. Their Name, Ronin, is inspired by the age of samurais and means lone fighter, who prefers to explore freedom on their own, instead of joining a caste.

The scenography is completed once the instruments begin to vibrate in the hands of the four musicians: zen-funk agreements and groove ritual vibes synchronize accurately as if the notes would come into harmony with the energies of the four artists. Part of this harmony is inspired by the affinity of the founder for the practices of John Cage or Morton Feldman.




The Musician and playwrighter Michel Mettler synthesizes the system of meanings of the group: “However, these forms are merely juxtaposed in post-modernist  fashion but instead amalgamated into a coherent style. Ultimately, these sounds and rhytms are highly idiosynractic. The music consists of very few phrases and motives, continually combined and layered in new ways. Ronin thus creates a consistent aesthetic across all levels of musical expression.

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Another group for the first time in Romania, Szun Waves is composed of British producer Luke Abbot on synthesizers, Australian Laurence Pike (part of the PVT group) on drums and British Jack Wyllie (member of Portico Quartet) on saxophone. Their style is defined by a combination of spiritual and experimental jazz with electronic music. The Pitchfork publication states that they are the element that “is unifying the fertile London jazz scene with the long-lasting tradition of the psychedelic genre.”




Their debut album At Sacred Walls was released in 2016, and in 2018 they launched a sequel, New Hymn To Freedom. About the last album, James Holden (who will be present at the festival as well) said: “The trio has subtly integrated everything from jazz, psychedelic, to ambiental, kosmic, experimental electronics in their effort to achieve some sort of enlightenment through the live performance “.

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An emerging group on the stage of Cluj and Romania, Flatsharks recommends itself by the generous history of its members: with training in classical music, Csergo Dominic is a well-known drummer in Romania, active (live and on the album) from the end of the ‘ 90s, along with bands like Jazzybirds, Urma, Kumm, Autumn Hotel.

From the same classic background, Theodor Constantiniu is a violinist who knows the jazz language as well, with an interest in improvisation manifested in all his live appearances. Cristian Ciceu began his career in the early 2000 years, with projects from different spheres: from rock, jazz to minimal-ambient (Junetrip, Drywood, Live Toys).


In just a few words, Flatsharks float on psychedelic jazz, on experimental jazz with influences from Blues, Classic, Stoner and Kitch-rock.

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Let’s meet in front of the stage between August 15th and 17th, in the middle of the Apuseni Nature Park!

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