Terms and conditions for participation in the 2022 edition of the Smida Jazz Festival

Tickets available on www.smidajazz.ro are sold through Eventbook ticketing service provider. If you did not receive the ticket by email, after receiving the transaction confirmation message, please check the Spam section of your email account. If you do not find the ticket / tickets purchased in Spam either, please contact the Eventbook team by e-mail at office@eventbook.ro.

The tickets available on the page www.smidajazz.ro have the prices communicated in euros, but the actual payment of the tickets will be made in lei, using a fixed exchange rate of 4.94 lei for 1 euro for the conversion of the price from euro to lei.

The Festival Pass allows access for 1 person throughout the event, starting with August 19th, at 14:00, and until August 22nd, at 14:00, into the festival area, at all facilities, concerts and activities, except for those who require an additional fee.

The Festival & Camping Pass allows access for 1 person throughout the event, starting with August 19th, at 14:00, and until August 22nd, at 14:00, into the festival and camping areas, at all facilities, concerts and activities, except those that require an additional fee.

If, after purchasing a Festival pass, a participant wishes to upgrade it to a Festival & Camping Pass, it will be possible to do so by contacting the Eventbook team, by e-mail at office@eventbook.ro, and paying, in addition to the price of the Festival Pass initially purchased, the amount of 118 lei.

Before access to the festival and camping areas, tickets will be presented and scanned at the Check-in point, where they will be exchanged with an access bracelet.

Children up to the age of 14 have free access to the Festival and Camping areas, only accompanied by an adult, based on a special bracelet, issued by the Organizer at the Check-in point, presenting a copy of the birth certificate. Children who have reached the age of 14 pay the normal price of the tickets.

People who choose cycling as a means of travel to the event, for a distance of at least 50 kilometers, receive free access to the Festival and Camping, based on the presentation at the Check-in point of a screenshot from a specific application ( eg Strava) attesting the route and distance traveled by bicycle that day.

People living in the villages of Smida, Giurcuța de Sus, Poiana Horea, Doda Pilii and Ic Ponor benefit from free entry to the Festival and Camping. To benefit from this facility they must present an identity card at the Check-In point, where they will receive an access bracelet. A document proving a real estate property within one of these villages does NOT confer the right to receive this benefit.

People with disabilities, together with a companion, benefit from free entry to the Festival and Camping. To access this benefit, please send us an email at contact@smidajazz.ro requesting this benefit, together with a copy of a document proofing the disability and an ID copy.

Camping Add-ons

The RV Pass supplement allows access and parking during the event in the camping area dedicated to recreational vehicles, namely motorhomes, towed caravans, cars with roof tents or other vehicles approved as recreational. Access to this area will be made by presenting the ticket purchased at the Check-in point where it will be exchanged with a sticker that must be placed in a visible place on board the vehicle. Every passenger, including the driver of the recreational vehicle will need a Festival & Camping Pass, for access to these areas and their facilities.

The exit with the recreational vehicle from this area also attracts the loss of access validity and entering again this area will be possible only by purchasing a new RV Pass supplement, depending on their availability.

The Pre-pitched Tent supplement allows the use of an already installed tent with a capacity for 2 people and luggage space, in the camping area. The tent is equipped with an inflatable mattress for 2 people, but is not equipped with linen or sleeping bags.

Tickets cannot be used multiple times. The first person to present a ticket at the check-in point has the right of access, and any subsequent presentation will lead to a refusal of access.
Tickets can be scanned in print or directly from the screen of a mobile device after they have been downloaded in advance.

Falsification of the ticket constitutes a contravention and is punishable under applicable law.